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We have a large road network with a total, not including Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure roads, of 1,882 kms of made road, of which 276 kms are sealed. By way of comparison the distance from Adelaide to Melbourne and return is 1,460kms.

The length of our unsealed road network alone is greater than the distance from Adelaide to Melbourne and return. The upgrading and maintenance of this large road net work will always be a priority and the need for extra funds for roads is self evident. This is one of several areas in which we seek to cooperate with neighbouring councils for the improvement of the region.

2015/2016 Road Resheeting and Resealing Program

The 2015/2016 Road Resheeting and Resealing Program will be regularly updated to keep residents informed of when and where the resealing works will take place.

Unfortunately it is not practicable to notify every individual resident who may be affected by the works as the program varies from day to day.

Residents are asked to avoid parking their cars on the roadway adjacent to their properties if works are being carried out in the vicinity. Access will be available to and from properties but regrettably some delays may occur.

Safety is Council’s primary concern when carrying out these works and Council asks that the public cooperates in this regard and follow the directions given by Traffic Controllers and other Council employees.

Council regrets any inconvenience to the public caused by delays, which occur during the resealing works, which are necessary to ensure the provision of a well-maintained road network.

 Sealed Roads Resheeting Program

Initial Extents
Richards Terrace


 Paynter Terrace to George Terrace  

Murrayview Road

Tailem Bend   From Princes Highway to Hector Road  

Lime Kiln Road

Tailem Bend   From Mallee Highway (1.5km)  

Trevena Terrace

Tailem Bend   George Street to Pretoria Street  

Mott Street

Tailem Bend   From Webb Street to end of road  

Tynan Road

Sherlock   From Mallee Highway (5.72km south)  

Kings Road

Tintinara   From Northcott Terrace  

Unsealed Roads Resheeting

Initial Extents

Yumali Road


 From Princes Highway (1.8km NE)  

Yarindale Road

 Meningie  From Princes Highway (2.95km SE)  
Goodall Road  KiKi  From Dukes Highway (1km NE)  

Homestead Road

 Colebatch  From Fulwood Avenue (3km west)  

Nine Mile Road

 Ashville  From Princes Highway (560m SE)  

Thomas Road

 Cooke Plains  From Nine Mile Road (1km north)  

Field Road

 Coorong  From Princes Highway (2km east)  

Gordon Road

 Meningie East  McIntosh Way (2km)  

Heinrich Road



 From Dukes Highway (1.64km SE)  

Jaeschke Road


 From Dukes Highway (1.64km SE)  

Richardson Road


 Boothby Road (1.22km)  

Butler Road


 From McIntosh Way (2.7km north)  

Taunta Hut Road


 Gumwell Road (2km south)  

Deepwater Road


 From Taunta Hut Road (2km west)  

Pink Road


 From Boothby Road (3.82km north)  



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