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The Coorong and Tatiara LAP endeavours to achieve a better informed community on key NRM and land management issues through the distribution of a quarterly newsletter. For any additional information on the articles found in these newsletters or to join the mailing list, please contact a member of the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan Team on 1300 785 277 

 Autumn Winter 2016 Newsletter(1770 kb)


Autumn Winter 2016 Newsletter front page

 Winter / Spring 2015 Newsletter(2043 kb)

 Summer 2015 Newsletter(4324 kb)

 Winter 2014 Newsletter(3321 kb)

 Summer 2014 Newsletter(2816 kb)

 Winter 2013 Newsletter(4915 kb)

 Summer 2013 Newsletter(5789 kb)

 Autumn 2013 Newsletter(3789 kb)

 Autumn 2012 Newsletter(1662 kb)

 Water Security Newsletter 2012(804 kb)

 Summer 2012 Newsletter(3616 kb)

 Spring 2011 Newsletter(2534 kb)

 Autumn 2011 Newsletter(3833 kb)

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