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Roads Asset Management Plan

The fundamental purpose of the RAMP is to improve Council’s long-term strategic management of its road infrastructure assets in order to cater for the community’s desired levels of service in the future, in accordance with Council’s key strategic documents and demonstrate reasonable management in the context of Council’s available financial and human resources.

The RAMP achieves this by setting standards, service levels and programmes which Council will develop and deliver. The standards and service levels have been set in accordance with user needs, regulations, industry practice and legislative codes of practice.

The roads assets considered in the RAMP are described as including all assets directly associated with the road and located within the road reserve, for which Council is the responsible road authority.

In June 2009 Council prepared and documented a Roads and Transport Infrastructure Asset Management Plan to comply with the requirements of Section 122 of the Local Government Act 1999.

In conjunction with the preparation of Council’s 2012–2016 Strategic Management Plan and the Key Action that Council outlined in its 2010/2011 Annual Business Plan, Council has decided to review its current Roads and Transport Infrastructure Asset Management Plan and develop a revised RAMP utilising the recommended structure which has been documented in the International Infrastructure Management Manual, 2006 (IIMM).

The Asset Management plan structure in the IIMM is widely recognised as the benchmark framework for asset management planning and will utilise road asset inventory and condition information which was collected by an external contractor in 2011.

A copy of the full report is available below or by attending any Council Office.

Road Asset Management Plan 2012-2022(2408 kb)

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