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from Factsheet 1, November 2016  (Prepared by Seed Consulting Services & Coorong District Council)

SA Water has been trialling a new product in the Clare Valley, called a Transportation Scheme. The water is secured by water users under River Murray water licences and transported at a cost that delivers water for less than SA Water’s state-wide price (currently $3.24 per kL, 2016/17). Water in the Clare Transportation Scheme is delivered at $2.22 per kL.

Under this agreement Clare Valley irrigators source the water licenses themselves and use SA Water infrastructure to transport it at a time of day when pumping is cheaper and there is spare capacity in the network.

A transportation scheme in the Coorong region could deliver cheaper water to commercial users depending on the number of users who commit to such a scheme.

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What needs to happen next?

Coorong District Council with funding support from Regions SA is preparing a feasibility study to explore this concept. Seed Consulting Services has been appointed to undertake this work. The study will identify interested water users, volumes of water that could be committed under a transportation scheme, and the best method for managing water licenses and administration. SA Water is being closely consulted during this process.

What is the timeframe?

This study is being completed during 2017 with the expectation that a scheme could be fully operational by summer 2017/18.



Your non binding Expression of Interest is critical to the success of this project.

The cut off date for Expressions of Interest is Friday the 17th of February 2017.

The current price of SA Water mains is $3.24 per kL. If a scheme could secure an alternative cheaper pricing structure, subject to sufficient demand, volume, SA Water system capacity, and transportation requirements, would you be interested in being involved? If so you must complete this Expression of Interest so that we can remain in contact with you during this project. 


Here are your options:

Lodge your Expression of Interest electronically using this quick and simple on line form. 

Click on this link


Alternately print this Information Page and Expression of Interest Form

Info Page Image

Expression of Interest Information Page(247 kb)  

Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Expression of Interest Form


Once completed return it to us by:

Fax it to 87 572 222     


Post by mail to:                                                                                              

Tracey Strugnell Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan PO Box 399 TAILEM BEND SA 5260

Email   and request that a form be mailed to you

Alternatively you can call  0475 416 624 and request that a hard copy form be mailed to you. 


If you have questions please contact Seed Consulting Services: 


Phone: 0475 416 624



Press Releases

In November 2016 Minister Geoff Brock announced $50,000 for Coorong Water Transporation Scheme Feasibility Study. The press release accompanying this announcement can be viewed here. 

Further information about this funding announcement and the project can be found here: Coorong District Council Press Release - 30th of November 2016

Coorong District Council are financially contributing to this study as are: Regional Development Australia (Riverlands and Murrayland), Moonee Hills Pastoral, Cornish Graziers, Inghams Enterprises, and Garrison Cattle Feeders.  


SA Water Tailem Bend to Keith Pipeline and network

SA Water delivers mains water through the Tailem Bend to Keith pipeline which feeds a large number of branch mains. This pipeline is only 143 km long, but it feeds 800 km of branch mains, and covers an area of 6,470 km[1].

As well as providing water through the Tailem bend to Keith Pipeline to houses and domestic users in the Coorong and Tatiara, SA Water provides mains water to many businesses and organisations including farms, beef producers, industrial premises and recreation parks. Many of these users consume large volumes and their annual water cost is a substantial cost to their business.

Please click on the map image below to see the full extent of the SA Water Tailem Bend to Keith mains water pipeline and network across this region.

  [1] Content courtesy SA Water website.

SA Water mains map picture


Clare Peak Water Transportation Scheme

The Clare Peak Water Transportation Scheme is a ground breaking model for delivering lower cost mains water to primary producers.

More information about the Clare Peak Water Transportation Scheme is contained in the Northern Argus article below.

Northern Argus - Winegrape irrigators to pay less (1218 kb)


SA Water are taking an interest in this process

Please click on the image below to view a presentation outlining what they would like to learn from the feasibility study, and more information about the Clare Valley Water Transportation Scheme.

SA Water presentation


Click here to access Coorong Water Transportation Scheme - the concept explained Factsheet 1 


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