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Development Plan

The Coorong District Council Development Plan can be accessed through the following link:

Coorong District Council Development Plan - Consolidated 24 November 2016

Each property within the Coorong District Council is designated to a specific planning zone or policy area which details what types of development are suitable (or indeed unsuitable) within each area. In addition, it provides detailed criteria about specific types of development.

Please click on the following fact sheet for further information about Development Plans PIA & LGA Fact Sheet 16 - What is the Development Plan(354 kb)

The following link provides more detailed information on how the Development Plan is to be read and comprehended. Council's Planning Officer will assess any proposed development in accordance the provisions of the Development Plan.

How to use the Coorong District Council Development Plan

For additonal information on the Development Plan contact Council's Senior Planning Officer on 1300 785 277.

Land Use and Infrastructure Prospectus

Council’s 2012 - 2016 Strategic Management Plan sets out the Vision for the Council area as:

A progressive and proactive Council recognised for its diverse communities, prosperous economy and unique and highly valued environment.”

As part of its Mission Statement, the Plan commits Council to:

  • Responsibly managing the natural and built environment to achieve sustainability
  • Facilitating economic prosperity, growth and employment throughout the district.”

To assist it in achieving this Vision and Mission Statement, Council has prepared this Land Use & Infrastructure Prospectus.

Strategic land use planning is essentially concerned about the planned allocation of land use, taking into consideration such factors as movement networks, the appropriateness of available and proposed infrastructure and environmental factors.

While primarily of a strategic nature, the Prospectus also provides a level of detail that can assist developers in investment decisions by providing an indication of key strengths, emerging opportunities and challenges facing the region.

The Council area is already subject to a number of strategic directions, across the local, state and federal levels. This Prospectus therefore reflects these directions, with an emphasis on the provision of key land use and infrastructure information.

Please click on the following link to view a copy of the Land Use and Infrastructure Prospectus

Land Use and Infrastructure Prospectus(5045 kb)

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