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Coorong Healthy Highways

In 2001, Coorong Good Food on the Road was a successful program aimed at supporting local food retailers to provide and promote healthy food choices to people living and travelling through the region. In 2016 The Coorong District Council OPAL Program re-launched the Coorong Good Food on the Road program, with the new look program helping businesses create and promote healthy meal choices as well as offering training and support in meal planning, marketing and promotions. The program has come along way in recent months with a new name, a brand new website and a fantastic media and marketing campaign.

Consumer trends are already showing a growing demand from the public for healthy food and drink choices. This program is a great benefit to local businesses who have become accrediated and are offering healthy menu options for adults and children.

If you are a local business that might be interested in becoming involved in the project please contact Tanja, OPAL Manager on 1300 785 277 or email


Coorong Healthy Highways Infographic(1180 kb)

CHH sponsorship prospectus(1302 kb)

CHH Project Evaluation, March 2017(812 kb)

Visit the Coorong Healthy Highways Website here:

River, Rail, Road Trail

Coorong OPAL has been working on a collaborative project with Council, the Tailem Bend Community Centre and Communities for Children to upgrade the Coorong Links Walking Trail; a 2.5 kilometre walking trail that loops the main street of Tailem Bend.

The trail will be re-named the River, Rail, Road Trail and should take approximately 30 minutes to walk.  New signage will mark the trail which will include sights such as the Tailem Bend Community Centre, rotunda, railway lines, community library, Tailem Bend Rhino, ferry and River Murray.  Signs will also include interesting health facts along the way. To the right is a picture of what the existing signage looks like.

The project will progress in the coming months, with maps soon to be available from the Tailem Bend Community Centre and Coorong Civic Centre.  The map will also highlight a number of other trails aound Tailem Bend featuring geocaching, main street attractions, the River Bend Heritage Trail and historical sites.

Tintinara Disc Golf Course

OPAL is very excited to annouce that SA's first Disc Golf Course has been launched in Tintinara - to find out more, please Click Here.


The community has really taken to Geocaching in the last 12 months, once you start you can't stop, haven't heard of Geocaching before? Click Here to find out more. OPAL has given GPS Loan Kits to all the libraries in the council area to get your started and there are also printed geocaching maps avaialble to pick up Coorong Council Offices and Visitor Information Centres, alternatively download from our website.

Local Geocaching Maps, Click Here.

OPAL/NRM School Garden Grant Workshop

The Schools Sustainable Edible Gardens project, is the product of a Memorandum of Understanding signed on to by four local council OPAL teams (Mid Murray, Murray Bridge, Coorong and Alexandrina), and the Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM  (SA MDB NRM) Education Program. 

Across the four OPAL Council areas, the program has offered between $500 - $1300 in funding, support, resources and professional development opportunities to participating local schools and kindergartens, where they have demonstrated a commitment to either creating a new - or developing an existing - fruit and vegetable garden.

OPAL/NRM Memorandum of Understanding(1552 kb)

Edible School Garden Video Competition

OPAL and NRM Ed are running a garden video competition, an easy way to win some $$$ for your school. Enter before June 17th 2016 (Week 7) for your chance to win. Schools with only be competing against other schools within their council area.

Garden video competition information(274 kb)

Garden Video Entry Form(230 kb)

Eat a Rainbow Program

Eat a Rainbow aims to increase children’s fruit and vegetable intake. It includes a range of activities and opportunities to taste test a variety of fruit and vegetables in a fun environment. 

Eat a Rainbow encourages children to ‘have a go’ and overcome resistance to new foods. The rainbow theme appeals to children, and more adventurous children in a group can be positive role models. Eating a variety of colours of fruit and vegetables also provides health benefits for the whole family, as it provides a good range and mix of important plant nutrients.

Eat a Rainbow is a simple concept that lends itself to many creative methods of implementation to suit different environments. It can be used in playgroups, kindergarten and childcare, junior primary school or other settings where groups of young children gather. If you are interested in running this program, feel free to contact the OPAL team on 1300 785 277.

What else has Coorong OPAL been involved in?

  • Murray Coorong Trail Project 
  • Coonalpyn Multi Sports Structure
  • Powering Active Kids in the Coorong - Sporting Clubs
  • Geocaching Loan kits in local libraries
  • Imagination Playground site visits
  • Healthy Lifestyle Theatre Shows at local schools
  • Meningie Kindergym
  • Meningie Nature Playground
  • Mayor's Pedometer Challenge
  • School/Community garden workshops
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