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Creating Coonalpyn

Creating Coonalpyn has been developed by Council as a model of regional renewal; a suite of artist led community arts projects with public art outcomes designed to activate spaces and reinvigorate our small rural community of Coonalpyn.

The Coonalpyn Arts Group was formed in January 2016 to explore and develop a range of community arts projects with public art outcomes. The group comprises of local community members and two council representatives.

The projects in the current suite are:

  • Coonalpyn on Show - 20 nylon appliqué panels with images relating to the Coonalpyn Show to be exhibited in a vacant shop then converted to flags for use at the Coonalpyn Show
  • Tunnel Re-vision - a restoration and reimagining of the existing Tunnel Vision murals - a much loved community project undertaken 20 years ago.
  • Growing Coonalpyn - An environmental installation on a large block
  • Mosaic Mural - A mosaic mural on the face of the existing public toilet block; a popular rest stop for travelers.
  • Eyes on the Road - A high impact installation along the tennis court chain link fencing
  • Silos Mural - A large scale mural on the cells of the silos facing Duke's Highway


Council is soon to complete a major arts project, titled Creating Coonalpyn, in the small town of Coonalpyn, SA, which includes a 30-metre high silo mural (painted by world-renowned artist Guido van Helten).

We are looking for a professional and experienced film making company to come on board to assist in ‘telling the story’ of this project and its impact on our community.

Please see further details, please refer to the following project brief.

Videography Brief - Creating Coonalpyn Project Film (Feb-March 2017)



Creating Coonalpyn Business Community Prospectus(949 kb)

Media release - Coorong Council to host major art draw card, 30ft mural on the Coonalpyn silos.pdf(472 kb)

Media release - Art on show at Coonalpyn(363 kb)

Media release - Arts progressing in Coonalpyn.pdf(246 kb)


Creating Coonalpyn Brochure

Creating Coonalpyn Brochure



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