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Strategic Management Plan

2016 - 2020 Strategic Management Plan

Pursuant to section 122 of the Local Government Act, the Council has an overarching four-year Strategic Management Plan to inform its asset management plans, capital works program, workforce development plan and annual business plans for the period 2016 - 2020.  The Plan also considers, and influences, other regional plans and strategies.

The Strategic Management Plan is divided into four themes and objectives, under which there are a range of strategies and high level specific actions/projects.  The themes and objectives for the district are:





A caring, healthy and resilient community.


A strong sense of civic pride and well maintained townships.


A prosperous and sustainable district.


Collaborative and respective relationships amongst community, Elected Members and Council staff.


The Strategic Management Plan will also inform and drive the development of a Tourism & Economic Development Strategy (commenced in February 2016), which proposes to outline specific recommendations & actions related to employment generating activities and the tourism & primary production matters raised during community engagement processes in September - October 2015.  Council will be contacting key associations and government agencies during the production of the draft Strategy in March 2016.


2016 - 2020 Strategic Management Plan(2725 kb)


Process to develop the 2016 - 2020 Strategic Management Plan

The process to develop the current Strategic Management Plan (2016 - 2020) included a two month period of community engagement in September and October 2015, which involved a survey, forums, the development of a number of aligned reports and the distribution of a flyer.  This process followed on from the completion of the Review Paper of the Coorong District Council Strategic Management Plan 2012 - 2016, which noted other relevant government-level plans and summarised key issues, challenges and opportunities known to the Council in mid-2015.  Following community engagement, a draft of the Strategic Management Plan was released for public comment for a period of six weeks resulting in a small number of submissions.  The submissions were considered by Council and the draft Plan was adopted with some minor alterations at the Council meeting held on 16 February 2016. 

Whilst the submissions did not substantially change the document, Council will re-visit earlier discussions on heavy freight transport routes in the Tourism and Economic Development Strategy as a high priority.  The Council is also aware of the concerns over any potential change in the location of the Tintinara offices, and no decisions on this aspect will be made until there is a full audit of the maintenance problems and repair costs.  Following the completion of audit report (scheduled for next financial year), there will be further engagement with the Tintinara community before a decision is made.


Thank you

Council thanks everyone that contributed during the community engagement process and those that took time to write a submission and/or appear before Council.


2016 - 2020 Strategic Management Plan(2725 kb)

2016 - 2020 Strategic Management Plan - survey responses (collated)(4018 kb)

2016 - 2020 Strategic Management Plan - Meningie and Lakes Strategic Consultation Report(1031 kb)

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