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Dog Registration

Dog Registrations

Dog Registrations are due each financial year and are to be re-registered by the 31 August each year. Dogs must be registered at three months of age or within 14 days of acquiring a new dog.

Registered owner must be 16 years or over and that person must inform Council as soon as possible if:
* The dog has moved to a different premises
* The dog dies, or is missing for more then 72 hours
* Ownership of the dog is transferred to another person.

If claiming that a dog is desexed, owner holds a concession card, dog is microchipped, dog has achieve level of obedience training etc, the appropriate documentation is required to be presented when first claiming these concessions to the receptionist when registering your dog.

Working dog is defined as a dog used for tendering stock (for at least 60% of their daily routine) and is only accepted normally for those breeds generally accepted as being bred for that purpose.

Please complete the following Dog Registration Form and bring with you to your nearest Council office branch to pay the associated fees and recieve a registration tag

Application for Registration of a Dog Form 1(242 kb)

 Registration fees are as follows:
Standard Registration$25.00
Concession Standard Registration$12.50
 Standard registration must be BOTH desexed & microchipped 
Non Standard Registration$50.00
Concession Non Standard Registration$25.00
Working Dog$10.00
Business Registration - Please contact Michael Vivian TBA
Guide DogNo Fee
Therapy DogNo Fee
Disability DogNo Fee
Greyhound - Registered with the Board$10.00

Dogs must wear a collar with a registration disc securely attached at all times when in a public place.

An Expiation Notice will be issued to owners of each unregistered dog. (Penalty $80.00 per dog)

Are your dogs registered?

That is the question that will be asked of residents after the 14th September each year.  Dog registrations are due on the 31st August each year and anyone found Owning or Keeping an Unregistered Dog after that time is guilty of an offence under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995.

Coorong District Council wishes to promote responsible dog ownership and as such is conducting a door knock of the Council area to make sure all dogs in the district are registered. Anyone found to be Owning or Keeping an Unregistered Dog will be issued with an expiation notice (refer to fees and charges in the Act).

It is simple to register your dog just call into your nearest Council office, complete the registration form and pay the fee to receive your dog tag. Please remember to bring along proof of your dog being de-sexed  or micro chipped as this will reduce the registration fee amount. If you hold a pension card this will also reduce the cost involved.

Don't get caught with unregistered dogs. Register your dog now.

For further information contact: Coorong Civic Centre on 1300 785 277.


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