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The Coorong Declared Plant Group (were the Coorong Cactus Crew) meet every second Thursday to work on projects on Council reserves (John White Wetlands, East Wellington is one of them), rail corridors, road reserves and some private lands to remove declared species and beautify the amenity of the area with clean up and revegetation programs. We also undertake fencing of some sites and in the case of the wetlands undertook walking trail work. The group is made up Council inducted volunteers under the care of Michael Vivian, Coorong District Council General Inspector. The group has had assistance from the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan and Natural Resources SA Murray Darling Basin through the various funding opportunities that arise. 

 Elwomple Cactus before 

Cactus Elwomple


Elwomple Cactus after

Elwomple Cactus



Do these Cacti look worried to you? 

                                               Meet the Coorong Cactus Crew!

Mexican Wheel CactusRabbit Ear CactusCoorong Cactus Crew

A Tailem Bend group of volunteers have been assembled by passionate local Don Wood to tackle Cactus infestations on private land surrounding Tailem Bend. With gloves, kitchen tongs, and garden tools the brave ‘Coorong Cactus Crew’ are targeting Rabbit Ear and Mexican Wheel Cactus for removal from properties around Tailem Bend. Projects are also being considering further afield.

The Mexican Wheel Cactus and Rabbit Ear Cactus (above left and right) are declared weeds, and are continuing to be spread by birds from several source points around Tailem Bend. Kym Haebich – Senior District Officer with Natural Resources SAMDB said, ‘This is a great opportunity to work with members of the community who have a passion for weed control’. Coorong Cactus Crew organiser Don Wood added, ‘That it is terrific to do something productive, while looking after the land for our kids and grandkids’.

This project is a tremendous project jointly supported by the Coorong District Council, Tailem Bend Progress Association, Tailem Bend Community Centre, Natural Resources SAMDB, and the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan.

“We really appreciate the support of these hardy and dedicated volunteers that have travelled as far as Adelaide and Mannum to work on these projects”, said Tracey Strugnell of the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan.

If you are interested in joining the Coorong Cactus Crew to wage war on feral cacti contact: Don Wood - M: 0410 399 273

Media release - The Coorong Cactus Crew are back!.pdf(337 kb)

Coorong Cactus Crew and Cactii eradication(1286 kb)

Coorong Cactus Crew at Old Tailem Town

 The Crook Cactus Gallery

Crook Rabbit Ear Cactus 1

Crook Rabbit Ear Cactus 2

 Crook Rabbit Ear Cactus 3

Crook Aloe


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