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Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Feasibility Study

Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Feasibility Study

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MEDIA RELEASES 9th of November 2017

MEDIA RELEASE: Water cost squeeze at Woods Well. Now $3.30 per kilolitre!(634 kb)


FINAL Coorong Water Transporation Scheme Feasibility Study

Please click below to access the full and final version of the Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Feasibility Study.


Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Feasibility Study(9306 kb)


Here are the conclusions and recommendations coming out of this study; 

  1. Coorong District Council continues to collaborate with RDA and Regions SA to investigate and secure best options for low cost loans or incentives to support landholders in developing their own water infrastructure solutions;

  2. The region, through  access to the Commonwealth “Farming Together” Program, consider formation of an entity (association) that can continue to investigate, develop and promote water security projects for the mutual benefit of economic development in the region.

  3. Prepare a Business Case ensuring that all relevant information regarding the regional economic performance of the livestock industry is collected and compared with current export data and strategies for improved export potential from the region. This will highlight regional growth potential;

  4. The Coorong Water Security Advisory Group collaborate with Livestock SA and other relevant organisations to promote the Coorong region as a case study for action on State wide water access and pricing based initially on the livestock industry but subsequently expanding the scope to include other enterprises in the region. This should include working with DEWNR, SA Murray Darling Basin NRM, and South East NRM to ensure that water policies facilitate security around activities such as sheeted catchments and micro-desalination;

  5. CTLAP continue to support the benefits of landholders installing leak detection equipment to reduce unnecessary wastage of expensive mains water, and the range of water security projects being developed across the region; and finally

  6. That the dialogue with SA Water continue as part of this process to pursue a secure and more affordable water supply in the region of interest.

Please click here to access our latest press release regarding the Coorong Water Transportion Scheme Feasibility Study, and the Livestock SA Water Security Survey.


Media Release: SA Water verdict won't dampen Coorong Livestock water security efforts 


UPDATE: Coorong Water Transportation Scheme - 10th of August 2017

Please find below the formal response from SA Water to Coorong District Council in regard to the Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Project

SA Water correspondence regarding Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Project 4th of August 2017(400 kb) 

SA Water letter image

UPDATE: Coorong Water Transportation Scheme - 7th of July 2017

If you lodged an Expression of Interest in a Coorong Water Transportation Scheme earlier this year, thank you!

The aim of this project was to secure SA Water mains at a price lower than the current $3.24 per kL.

Negotiations with SA Water have been ongoing, exploring user demand and SA Water system capacity.

Over the last six months with the support of the Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Working Group, our team have:

  • Collated Expressions of Interest from 150 landholders covering more than 580 mains connections
  • Surveyed landholders who have installed their own on farm water security measures e.g. desalination, lined catchments, piping projects etc.
  • Carried out ongoing negotiations with SA Water.

SA Water Response

Following numerous meetings with SA Water over a six month period, the Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Project Group met again with SA Water in early May 2017 to discuss whether Expressions of Interest in the scheme could form the basis of a water transportation agreement with SA Water to secure water at a lower cost.

At this meeting SA Water indicated that there was not enough potential growth in demand from users on the Tailem Bend to Keith pipeline to enter into a Water Transportation Scheme.

SA Water also stated that the market impact from on-farm water security options such as lined catchments, desalination, and private pipelines did not currently represent a significant impact to their state wide water market.

The full SA Water presentation to the Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Working Group can be accessed here

SA Water Presentation Image


Other Outcomes

Although Council and the Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Project Group are disappointed in this outcome we are continuing our support of on farm water security improvements in our region. We are working with Primary Industries and Regions SA, and Regional Development Australia - Murraylands and Riverland, to look at the best ways to support localised and on farm water security measures. We will keep you advised of any progress we make in this area.

We have uploaded to our web page a map showing the distribution of all landholders who lodged an Expression of Interest in the Coorong Water Transportation Scheme concept. To access this map please click here

cwts map snapshot

This map shows clusters of water users in some localities. From these observations, we ask whether you would like to explore the potential of working on localised water security projects with other users in your area. If so please let us know. We are interested in your ideas.


Moving Forward

Council intends to continue to pursue options for more cost effective and appropriate water solutions in the District. This will include:

  • Further engagement with SA Water
  • Engagement with private operators who may be prepared to invest in a non-potable water scheme
  • Engaging with and facilitating conversations between graziers and the State and Federal Governments to see if grants or low/no interest loans can be made available to invest in water infrastructure.


Council is grateful for the financial support we have received from Primary Industries and Regions SA, Regional Development Australia, Inghams, and a group of generous Coorong based livestock producers to enable this Expression of Interest process and feasibility study to be carried out. We also appreciate the time and effort the Working Group members and landholders across our region have put into this process thus far.

A full feasibility report will be provided to the Minister for Regions over the next few months, at which time a further update will be publicised.

If you wish to discuss the Coorong Water Transportation Scheme further or have other actions or ideas you would like to discuss, please contact Tracey Strugnell on 1300 785 277 or via email tstrugnell@coorong.sa.gov.au.



from Factsheet 1, November 2016 (Prepared by Seed Consulting Services & Coorong District Council)

SA Water has been trialling a new product in the Clare Valley, called a Transportation Scheme. The water is secured by water users under River Murray water licences and transported at a cost that delivers water for less than SA Water’s state-wide price (currently $3.24 per kL, 2016/17). Water in the Clare Transportation Scheme is delivered at $2.22 per kL.

Under this agreement Clare Valley irrigators source the water licenses themselves and use SA Water infrastructure to transport it at a time of day when pumping is cheaper and there is spare capacity in the network.




Press Releases

Coorong District Council Media Release - Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Update 9th May 2017(258 kb)

In November 2016 Minister Geoff Brock announced $50,000 for Coorong Water Transportation Scheme Feasibility Study. The press release accompanying this announcement can be viewed here. 

Further information about this funding announcement and the project can be found here: Coorong District Council Press Release - 30th of November 2016

Coorong District Council are financially contributing to this study as are: Primary Industries and Region SA, Regional Development Australia (Riverlands and Murrayland), Moonee Hills Pastoral, Cornish Graziers, Inghams Enterprises, and Garrison Cattle Feeders.  


SA Water Tailem Bend to Keith Pipeline and network

SA Water delivers mains water through the Tailem Bend to Keith pipeline which feeds a large number of branch mains. This pipeline is only 143 km long, but it feeds 800 km of branch mains, and covers an area of 6,470 km[1].

As well as providing water through the Tailem bend to Keith Pipeline to houses and domestic users in the Coorong and Tatiara, SA Water provides mains water to many businesses and organisations including farms, beef producers, industrial premises and recreation parks. Many of these users consume large volumes and their annual water cost is a substantial cost to their business.

Please click on the map image below to see the full extent of the SA Water Tailem Bend to Keith mains water pipeline and network across this region.

 [1] Content courtesy SA Water website. https://www.sawater.com.au/community-and-environment/our-water-and-sewerage-systems/our-networks/major-pipelines

SA Water mains map picture


Clare Peak Water Transportation Scheme

The Clare Peak Water Transportation Scheme is a ground breaking model for delivering lower cost mains water to primary producers.

More information about the Clare Peak Water Transportation Scheme is contained in the Northern Argus article below.

Northern Argus - Winegrape irrigators to pay less (1218 kb)


SA Water are taking an interest in this process

Please click on the image below to view a presentation outlining what they would like to learn from the feasibility study, and more information about the Clare Valley Water Transportation Scheme.

SA Water presentation


Click here to access Coorong Water Transportation Scheme - the concept explained Factsheet 1 


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