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Water Leak Detection

Water Leak Detection

Approximately one million hectares or two thirds of the Coorong District and one third of the Tatiara landholders located on the western side of the Duke's Highway between Tailem Bend and Keith rely solely on mains water for their stock and domestic needs, due to saline groundwater.

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The increasing cost of mains water in recent years, more than doubling from $1.50/kilolitre to $3.73/kilolitre and rising has significantly contributed to on farm operating costs and the need for landholders to become water wise and monitor water flows on a daily basis. A number of landholders in the Coorong and Tatiara have been utilising leak detection equipment to monitor water flows and to notify them of unwanted leaks. Frequent monitoring of water flows enables landholders to almost instantly detect when a leak occurs. This helps to prevent excess water usage and frightful water bills every three months. High water flows overnight and early morning typically indicate a leak in the system. Having this information at the land managers finger tips not only enables a quick response time, but also avoids large unforseen water bills.

The following files and links provide information on water leak detection and remote water monitoring equipment.

Alamil Water Scheme Case Study(514 kb)

Water Leak Detection Article AGCONNECT SE(689 kb)

Alpha Group

Alpha Group Water Leak Detection(1720 kb)

Integrated Irrigation



Watersave Australia

Watersave Australia Smart Meter Brochure(485 kb)

Watersave Australia Smart Meter Coomandook Case Study(244 kb)

Watersave Australia Case Study June 2014(291 kb)

Watersave Australia Smart Meter Presentation(2084 kb)

Leak Finding Equipment

The Coorong Tatiara LAP has invested in leak finding equipment in an effort to assist landholders to help find leaking pipes on farms. Although many landholders have invested in water leak detection devices, once the leak is detected the challenge is then finding it. This can be particularly difficult on sandy soils.


Leak Finding Equipment

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