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Why should Boxthorn be controlled?

Boxthorns are declared under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004. Therefore all property owners have a legal responsibility to control Boxthorn on their property.

African Boxthorn was originally introduced to Australia from South Africa and planted for fencing and windbreaks. It spread from the initial plantings, and by 1904 was proclaimed noxious in parts of Victoria.

Boxthorn produces large numbers of orange-red berries that contain more than twenty seeds each. These are eaten by birds and other animals then passed through their gut and deposited elsewhere. 

Boxthorn invades native vegetation, alters habitat, and invades grazing paddocks. It forms dense, impenetrable thickets that reduce access for stock, native animals, people and vehicles. It provides shelter and food for pest animals such as foxes and rabbits. It's large thorns can also injure livestock. Several pest insect species breed in its fruit.


African Boxthorn

For further information about African Boxthorn including description and up to date control methods please click on the Fact Sheet below from Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula, or the link to the 'Weed Control Handbook for declared plants in South Australia - 2016' below.

African Boxthorn Fact Sheet(460 kb)

African Boxthorn Fact Sheet Image

Click on the link below to go to the Weed Control Handbook for Declared Plants in South Australia - July 2016 Edition. Refer to Page 24 which provides a full list of herbicide recommendations for the control of African Boxthorn. This link may take a moment to open.


Weed Control Handbook 2016 Boxthorn

Big Boxthorn

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