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Current Works & Projects

Introduction to Council's Capital Projects

Coorong District Council’s Infrastructure & Assets Department is the provider of capital projects and maintenance services for all of Council’s assets such as buildings, assets, parks and gardens.  We support the community by maintaining and improving the public environment for residents, visitors and workers. Our core functions include:

  • Asset Management
  • Roadworks & Maintenance
    • Grading
    • Road construction and maintenance
    • Road signage
    • Roadside slashing and spraying
    • Line marking
    • Tree trimming
  • Waste Management
    • Waste transfer stations
    • Kerbside waste collection
  • Parks & Gardens
    • Cemeteries
    • Aerodromes
    • Swimming pool
    • Playgrounds
    • Property maintenance
    • Community event support
  • Property & Procurement
    • Leasing of community land and road reserves
    • Procurement and contracting services
  • Capital Projects
Current Works and Projects

Find out all you need to know about our current works and projects here:

Princes Hwy, Tailem Bend Landscaping & Place-making Project

The Princes Highway, Tailem Bend Landscaping & Place-making Project is currently being progressed by Council in two stages.

Stage 1

The first stage involved:

  • the development of conceptual plans for the Northern Entrance Statement Area for the township
  • the development of conceptual plans for the River Viewing Area for the township
  • banner design and purchase of banners and poles

The Concept Plans can be viewed by clicking on below:

Northern Entrance Statement Area Concept

Northern Entrance Statement Area Concept Site Plan

Northern Entrance Area – banners sealing and wood elevations

Northern Entrance Statement Area – Elevation of wall seat treatment

River Viewing Area Concept

River Viewing Area Concept Site Plan

River Viewing Area Concept – Barriers shelters and sealing elevations

To build upon the indicative designs shown within the Area concept plans, Council engaged a local designer to come up with banner options to enable costing and manufacture to occur this financial year. Costings are also being sought on the poles to which the banners will be fixed.  The options below were presented to community workshop participants on 27 June 2018 for feedback and input.

            TB Welcome Banners – Option 1

            TB Welcome Banners – Option 2

            TB Welcome Banners – Option 3

            TB Welcome Banners – Option 4

The development of the Stage 1 concepts was greatly assisted by the Tailem Business & Tourism Committee, who provided guidance, direction and ideas for improving two key areas in the township. With the exception of using banners on the light poles in the median strip, DPTI has agreed that the concepts appear reasonable and have raised no objection. DPTI has advised that the method of light pole construction creates risk for banner attachment, which it is not prepared to accept at this point in time.

Please note that any public art work is indicative only and demonstrates a potential option in the longer term.  Public art selection would be subject to separate community consultation and involve Council’s Arts Advisory Group. 

Stage 2

The Project’s second stage involves the development of a landscaping concept plan that investigates creative ways of using landscaping and streetscape elements along the Highway to draw visitor’s attention to businesses, and encourage more people to visit Railway Terrace and the Willow Street precinct areas.

Community Engagement

This Project was discussed at a workshop held on Wednesday, 27 June 2018 in the Tailem Bend Town Hall. Council thanks all attendees for their feedback and ideas. The feedback collected is available to read in the Princes Highway, Tailem Bend Landscaping & Place-Making Project Workshop Feedback Report.

Council has forwarded this information to its consultant to consider, and further information will be released in the future.


Tailem Bend Multi Sports Structure

The main street of Tailem Bend will feature a brand new sports structure which will provide an opportunity for local youth to participate in a range of sporting activities. The structure will compliment the existing bike track facilities and create an exciting new dimension to the space. To read more about the project, download the fact sheet below.

Tailem Bend Multisport Structure Fact Sheet(786 kb)

Naming Competition Entry Form and Poster(808 kb)

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