Coorong District Council


pdf Acquisition of Goods and Services Policy, March 2017(264 kb)

pdf Annual Business Plan & Budget Policy, September 2016(271 kb)

pdf Asset Accounting Policy, May 2016(541 kb)

pdf Building & Swimming Pool Inspection Policy, April 2016(231 kb)

pdf Caretaker Policy, July 2014(105 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct for Elected Members, October 2013(731 kb)

pdf Code of Conduct Policy for Council Employees, September 2014(380 kb)

pdf Code of Practice for Access to Meetings of Council and Committees and Council Documents, November 2015(245 kb)

pdf Code of Practice Proceedings of Council and Committee Meetings, November 2015(260 kb)

pdf Community Cemeteries & Burial Policy, November 2015(141 kb)

pdf Community Engagement Policy, June 2016(195 kb)

pdf Community Events, Grants and Donations Policy, February 2017(174 kb)

pdf Community Group Loan Policy, April 2014(111 kb)

pdf Community Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) Hardship Policy, July 2015(153 kb)

pdf Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) Customer Service Charter, March 2016(384 kb)

pdf Complaints and Compliments Policy, June 2016(289 kb)

pdf Control of Election Signs Policy, February 2015(201 kb)

pdf Council By-Laws(168 kb)

pdf Council Hall & Facilities Hire Policy, November 2015(214 kb)

pdf Council Participation in Emergency Response Operations Policy, February 2016(140 kb)

pdf Customer Service Charter, March 2013(263 kb)

pdf Debt Recovery & Financial Hardship Policy, October 2015(173 kb)

pdf Disposal of Council Land and Other Assets Policy, March 2017(383 kb)

pdf Economic Development Policy, July 2014(126 kb)

pdf Elected Members Allowance and Support Policy August 2016(529 kb)

pdf Elected Members Induction Policy, August 2014(128 kb)

pdf Elected Members Training Development Policy, October 2014(125 kb)

pdf Electronic Communications Policy, April 2016(293 kb)

pdf Enforcement Policy, October 2014(153 kb)

pdf Equal Employment Opportunity, Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy, June 2016(225 kb)

pdf Fraud & Corruption Prevention Policy, September 2016(413 kb)

pdf Funding Policy, October 2013(122 kb)

pdf Guidelines for Mobile & Street Trading, April 2015(261 kb)

pdf Healthy Eating Policy, May 2016(267 kb)

pdf Human Resource Policy, May 2014(226 kb)

pdf Individual Sport & Cultural Grants Policy, March 2016(144 kb)

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy, February 2016(123 kb)

pdf Informal Gatherings Policy, November 2016(249 kb)

pdf Information Security Policy, April 2016(200 kb)

pdf Infrastructure Asset Management Policy, April 2016(297 kb)

pdf Interaction of the Development Act State Records Act and Freedom of Information Act with the Copyright Act Policy, December 2014(325 kb)

pdf Internal Financial Control Policy, May 2016(190 kb)

pdf Internal Review of Council Decisions Policy, February 2017(308 kb)

pdf Lease, Licence & Permit for Council Owned & Controlled Land & Buildings Policy, March 2014(135 kb)

pdf Media Policy, August 2014(196 kb)

pdf Mobile & Street Trading Policy, April 2016(238 kb)

pdf Naming & Numbering of Roads Policy, July 2014(134 kb)

pdf Order making Policy, November 2013(122 kb)

pdf Privacy Policy, January 2016(195 kb)

pdf Prudential Management Policy, March 2017(417 kb)

pdf Rate Rebate Policy, June 2015(287 kb)

pdf Rating Policy 2016 - 17(403 kb)

pdf Records Management Policy, December 2016(321 kb)

pdf Recycled Water 2016-2017 Pricing Policy Statement(514 kb)

pdf Requests for Service Policy including Request for Service Policy, July 2014(252 kb)

pdf Risk Management Policy, March 2017(342 kb)

pdf Road Asset Management Plan 2012-2022(2408 kb)

pdf Roadside Signage Policy, February 2016(123 kb)

pdf Safe Environment Policy, February 2014(227 kb)

pdf Service Range Policy, July 2015(187 kb)

pdf Strategic Rating Policy, April 2015(240 kb)

pdf Treasury Management Policy, March 2017(228 kb)

pdf Tree Management Policy and Procedure, February 2016(222 kb)

pdf Volunteer Policy, December 2016(252 kb)

pdf Waste Collection Service Level Policy, July 2013(186 kb)

pdf Whistleblowers Protection Policy, September 2016(323 kb)

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