Coorong District Council

Development Assessment Panel

The Development Assessment Panel acts as the relevant authority in certain circumstances to exercise or perform Council's powers & functions in accordance with the Development Act 1993.

In August 2007 the Coorong District Council reviewed its Development Assessment Panel, its procedures and membership. As a result the Panel has a new updated procedures policy and the membership includes three independent members and two Council members. The changes to the membership are in accordance with new legislation adopted by the State Government in February 2007.

The Panel consists of five members, namely:

Independent Presiding Member: Jeff Klitscher

Independent Members:                Graham Gaston

                                                      Kerry Simcock

Council Members:                        Cr Peter Wright

                                                      Cr Vern Leng

Development Assessment Panel - Terms of Reference - December 2014(186 kb)

For a copy of the Development Assessment Panel minutes please click here

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