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Fact Sheets - Soil

EM38, Soil Moisture Probes, and Soil Variability Fact Sheet(399 kb)

soil moisture probes2014 Volunteer Recognition Event Invite

Soil Pit Field Day in the Coomandook Area 2015(2036 kb)

CSIRO Upper South East soil characterisation(425 kb)

soil pit day picture

Fact Sheets - Bridal Creeper Control

Bridal Creeper Spore Water Flyer(2991 kb)

An introduction to the biological control Bridal Creeper Rust Fungus - Puccinia myrsiphylli.

Step by step instructions for how to make Spore Water to spread Bridal Creeper Rust Fungus.

Bridal Creeper leafhopper fact sheet(639 kb)

Leafhoppers are a biological control agent for the invasive environmental weed Bridal Creeper Asparagus asparagoides.

 Adult Bridal Creeper leafhopperbridal creeper leaf damage

Fact Sheet - Spiny Rush vs Sea Rush

Spiny Rush vs Sea Rush(957 kb)

This fact sheet provides information on identifying the differences between Spiny Rush(Juncus acutus) an introduced invasive plant, and Sea Rush(Juncus kraussii) a common native salt marsh species. 

 Spiny Rush vs Sea Rush

Fact Sheets - African Lovegrass

Provides information on description, management, and herbicide recommendations for the control of African Lovegrass - Eragrostis curvala

African Lovegrass(284 kb)

African Lovegrass Management(159 kb)

African Lovegrass Fact Sheet 

Fact Sheet - Weeds to Watch out for

Weeds to Watch out for Flyer(3546 kb)

Contains information on the following weeds;

Boneseed                                                   Bridal Veil

Chrysanthemoides monilifera                                  Asparagus declinatus


Coolatai Grass                                                    Khaki Weed

Hyparrahenia hirta                                                               Alternanthera pungens



Recent Articles from the Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan Newsletter

Coorong and Tatiara Green Army Teams(361 kb)

Coorong Green Army Graduation

Fundamentals Behind Resilient Farmers(233 kb)


Mundulla Common Weed Control(290 kb)

RESIZE olive   RESIZE cocksfoot

Olive                                                                        Cocksfoot

Short necked turtles hatch at Narrung(213 kb)

Short necked turtle

Silver-leaf nightshade(247 kb)

Silverleaf nightshade

Article - Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan Native Pasture Trials

Rehabilitating degraded sandy soils on grazing properties in the Coorong District Council area at Moorlands and Mount Boothby.

Article - Identifying Mallee Emu-wren habitat 

Mallee Emu-wren Habitat(60 kb)

Presentations of note

Dr Peter Boutsalis of Plant Science Consulting specialises in testing for hebicide resistance.

Peter gave a stand out presentation on this topic at the Mallee Coorong Natural Resources Management Group Sustainable Agriculture Forum on the 28th of March 2015. Please see the link below to the full presentation.

Peter Boutsalis Herbicide Resistance(1776 kb)

plants in pots


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