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Council Policies

pdfAnnual Business Plan & Budget Policy, October 2018(285 kb)

pdfArts & Cultural Policy, September 2017(327 kb)

pdfAsset Accounting Policy, May 2018(479 kb)

pdfBuilding Inspection Policy, June 2018(278 kb)

pdfCaretaker Policy, July 2018(190 kb)

pdfCode of Conduct for Elected Members, October 2013(731 kb)

pdfCode of Conduct Policy for Council Employees, September 2014(380 kb)

pdfCode of Practice - Proceedings of Council and Committee Meetings, October 2019(824 kb)

pdfCode of Practice for Access to Meetings of Council and Committees and Council Documents, March 2019(388 kb)

pdfCommunity Cemeteries & Burial Policy, November 2017(187 kb)

pdfCommunity Engagement Policy, June 2016(195 kb)

pdfCommunity Events, Grants and Donations Policy, February 2017(174 kb)

pdfCommunity Group Loan Policy, April 2019(202 kb)

pdfCommunity Wastewater Management Scheme (CWMS) Hardship Policy, September 2018(188 kb)

pdfCommunity Wastewater Management System (CWMS) Customer Service Charter(214 kb)

pdfComplaints and Compliments Policy, March 2019(174 kb)

pdfControl of Election Signs Policy, July 2017(249 kb)

pdfCorporate Credit Card Policy, May 2019(281 kb)

pdfCouncil By-Laws(566 kb)

pdfCouncil Hall & Facilities Hire Policy, November 2017(265 kb)

pdfCouncil Members Allowance, Benefits and Support Policy, November 2018(555 kb)

pdfCouncil Members' Induction Policy, August 2018(261 kb)

pdfCouncil Members' Training & Professional Development Policy, August 2018(271 kb)

pdfCouncil Participation in Emergency Response Operations Policy, April 2018(180 kb)

pdfCustomer Service Charter, March 2013(401 kb)

pdfCWMS Accounting Principles - The Costing and Pricing of CWMS - December 2016(923 kb)

pdfDebt Recovery & Financial Hardship Policy, April 2019(361 kb)

pdfDisposal of Council Land and Other Assets Policy, May 2018(383 kb)

pdfElectronic Communications Policy, May 2018(319 kb)

pdfEnforcement of Unlawful Development Policy, February 2018(281 kb)

pdfEnforcement Policy, February 2018(197 kb)

pdfEqual Employment Opportunity, Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy, January 2019(227 kb)

pdfFraud & Corruption Prevention Policy, October 2018(413 kb)

pdfFunding Policy, October 2018(227 kb)

pdfHuman Resource Policy, August 2017(261 kb)

pdfIndividual Achievement Policy, March 2019(190 kb)

pdfInformal Gatherings Policy, February 2019(179 kb)

pdfInformation Security Policy, April 2018(216 kb)

pdfInfrastructure Asset Management Policy, October 2018(275 kb)

pdfInteraction of the Development Act State Records Act and Freedom of Information Act with the Copyright Act Policy, December 2014(325 kb)

pdfInternal Financial Control Policy, May 2018(190 kb)

pdfInternal Review of Council Decisions Policy, February 2017(308 kb)

pdfLease, Licence & Permit for Council Owned & Controlled Land & Buildings Policy, September 2017(191 kb)

pdfMayor Seeking Legal Advice Policy, October 2019(319 kb)

pdfMedia Policy, May 2017(243 kb)

pdfNaming & Numbering of Roads Policy, July 2017(234 kb)

pdfOrder making Policy, March 2018(167 kb)

pdfPetty Cash Policy, November 2017(171 kb)

pdfPrivacy Policy, January 2016(195 kb)

pdfProcurement Policy, May 2018(270 kb)

pdfPrudential Management Policy, October 2018(354 kb)

pdfPublic Interest Disclosure Policy, August 2019(423 kb)

pdfQuarrying Policy and Procedure, May 2019(223 kb)

pdfRate Rebate Policy, August 2019(480 kb)

pdfRating Policy 2019/20, August 2019(690 kb)

pdfRecords Management Policy, May 2019(418 kb)

pdfRecycled Water 2017-2018 Pricing Policy Statement(574 kb)

pdfRequests for Service Policy & Procedure, April 2019(147 kb)

pdfRisk Management Policy, May 2018(533 kb)

pdfRoadside Signage Policy, February 2016(123 kb)

pdfSafe Environment Policy, August 2017(376 kb)

pdfService Range Policy, August 2017(210 kb)

pdfStrategic Rating Policy, May 2018(297 kb)

pdfStreet Traders and Mobile Food Vans Policy, May 2019(420 kb)

pdfTreasury Management Policy, June 2018(229 kb)

pdfTree Management Policy and Procedure, February 2016(222 kb)

pdfVolunteer Policy, October 2019(377 kb)

pdfWaste Collection Service Level Policy, July 2017(339 kb)

pdfWork Health Safety and Return to Work Policy, August 2018(398 kb)

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