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Homeless Cat Campaign

Homeless Cat Campaign

Around half a million homeless cats roam SA streets - we need your help!

Homeless cats in SA are spreading in plague proportions so the Dog & Cat Management Board, in association with local councils, the Australian Veterinary Association, RSPCA and Animal Welfare League has launched a communication campaign that poses the question "are you willing to take ownership?"

The campaign uses social media formats to generate discussion and consideration amongst homeless cat feeders.

Research statistics show that 60% of homeless cat feeders incorrectly believe the cat they are feeding is owned, 66% feed daily and intend to continue but 80% will not extend their care beyond just feeding.

This level of community confusion is creating the strong growth of homeless cat colonies where disease is rife and each homeless cat can be responsible for producing up to 41 kittens a year - in fact in only 4 years just 1 homeless female and her kittens can produce 3,822 feral cats.

Homeless cats lead a life of stress, danger and disease.

They hold an average life expectancy of only 3-4 years (owned cats = 13 years).

The message campaign uses social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and existing online forums to generate discussion, send messages and provide advice and assistance that allows homeless cat feeders to question what they are doing and consider taking true responsibility for the animal they are assisting.

All platforms lead to a central website www.goodcatsa.com that directs traffic and enquiries, provides information and support and allows the cat loving community to join the discussion and learn from other cat lovers experiences.

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