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Stage 2 Formal Consultation - Coorong GM Food Crops Area

31st July 2020
Public Notice

STAGE 2 - Coorong District Council - Consultation

Genetically Modified Food Crops Area Survey

In May 2020, the South Australian Parliament passed legislation which lifted the moratorium on production of Genetically Modified crops within this State. Each SA Council area now must consider making an application to the Minister for Primary Industries to be designated a non GM area, with the final decision being made by the Minister.

At the 21 July Ordinary meeting, Coorong District Council decided to proceed with formal community consultation in accordance with the Genetically Modified Crops Management Act 2004 Guidelines, in regard to whether the Coorong District Council area should be a ‘Genetically Modified’, or ‘non Genetically Modified’ food crop area.

During this second stage of consultation, Coorong District Council are seeking information and data in regard to:

  • Evidence of economic gain, marketing or trade advantage that will be obtained from the GM moratorium being lifted in the Coorong District Council area; and also
  • Evidence of any economic loss, marketing or trade disadvantage that will be obtained from the GM moratorium being lifted in the Coorong District Council area.

This information will be used to inform Coorong District Council's next steps. Members of the community who are involved in primary production and food processing or manufacturing businesses are encouraged to provide feedback.

Those who completed the last online survey or made a written submission are encouraged to do so again, and provide additional detail in regard to economic gains/losses, marketing or trade advantages/disadvantages.

Coorong District Council’s Chief Executive Officer Bridget Mather said that the guidelines from PIRSA are quite specific in relation to what is required to make an application to the Minister to be a ‘no GM area’.

“Applications to the Minister must relate to marketing and trade. During this second stage of consultation we are keen to receive more detailed information in regard to how genetically modified crops may affect business and primary production in our region,” Bridget Mather says.

GM Food Crops Area Online Survey

If you wish to make a written submission in regard to this issue, please email

Consultation is now open, and closes at 5:00pm on Friday 21 August 2020.

Further background information on the changes to the SA Genetically Modified Crops Management Act 2004 can be found on PIRSA's website:

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