Water & Sewer Asset Management Plan

The fundamental purpose of the Water & Sewer Asset Management Plan is to improve Council's long-term strategic management of its infrastrastructure Stormwater, Water and Sewer assets. It aims to demonstrate reasonable management of Council assets in the context of available financial and human resources.

The Water & Sewer AMP achieves this by setting standards, service levels and programmes which Council will develop and deliver. The standards and service levels have been set in accordance with user needs, regulations, industry practice and legislative codes of practice.

The Water & Sewer AMP was reviewed in late 2017 and adopted by Council on 20 March 2018. This plan replaces the previously named CWMS Infrastructure & Asset Management Plan.

Water & Sewer Asset Management Plan - adopted March 2018(1020 kb)

CWMS Accounting Principles - The Costing and Pricing of CWMS - December 2016(924 kb)