Coorong District Council response measures to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Residents who are experiencing financial hardship may seek assistance from Coorong District Council by entering into a long-term payment arrangement. Information is available on our Financial Hardship page.

Latest COVID-19 update issued 20th November. More information can be found here.

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LAP - On Ground Works

Steadily increasing levels of landholder participation in on ground works has been a highlight of the LAP's success. More than two thirds of the areas landholders being actively involved in more than 200,000ha of on-ground works projects. The LAP's on-ground works program has been able to deliver up to 80% of all external funding on-ground. This is due to the large scale projects and considerable support of the Coorong and Tatiara District Councils.

The Coorong Tatiara LAP has worked closely with the community to identify our priority issues, develop a range of recommended land management and biodiversity enhancement options, and implement these on the ground. Alone, no single landholder can solve these problems, but with a district wide effort we can make a real difference.

In the last two years Coorong Tatiara LAP have successfully delivered smaller scale projects for African Boxthorn Control and Soil Stabilisation in the Sherwood Fire Recovery area.

Project Waiting List

In the past the Coorong Tatiara LAP has been able to provide funding toward a wide range of on farm projects such as; revegetation, fencing, remnant vegetation, perennial pasture establishment, and much more.

Although no funding for on farm projects is currently available, we are busy applying for funding at every opportunity to enhance our environment and support sustainable land management across the Coorong and Tatiara. If you have a terrific project that you are planning please feel free to share the details with us. If a funding source becomes available, we may be able to match it to your project.

Please email Tracey Strugnell on to share your ideas.

Project waiting list

Recent Achievements

To date the Coorong and Tatiara LAP Committees have successfully attracted over $25m of funding with an estimated $100m of landholder in kind support. Over 250,000 hectares of on-ground works has been completed. The CTLAP have, over 20 years attracted funding from Commonwealth and State Governments, NRM Boards, all with the highly valued in kind support of private and public landholders. Steadily increasing levels of landholder participation in the on-ground works program has been a highlight of the LAP's success, with more than two thirds of the areas landholders being actively involved. Funding bodies view the Local Government delivery model of project delivery favourable due to low administrative costs, effective financial and risk manangement, and recognised governance structures.

Our reputation is based on effective project delivery with maximum benefit on ground with minimal overhead costs.

We are recognised for our high quality events, and over the last 8 years a growing web content of technical information with over 8600 hits over our 27 page.

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