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drumMUSTER is a national product stewardship program that is supported by agvet chemical manufacturers, industry stakeholders which includes member and farming associations, state and local governments.

Once the containers have been collected, they are recycled into re-usable products such as wheelie bins, road signs, fence posts and bollards.

The drumMUSTER service benefits both the user, the environment, industry and the wider community by providing a reliable, cost effective and sustainable option for the recycling of empty eligible agvet chemical containers.

The Coorong District Council offers its residents periodic drumMUSTER collections at Meningie Waste Transfer Station, Coonalpyn Council Depot, Tailem Bend Waste Transfer Station and Tintinara Waste Transfer Station.

Bookings are essential - Council asks that an accurate count of drums to be deposited is provided to staff at the time of booking.

Containers not displaying the drumlogo may be deposited, but will be subject to a small fee (per container) payable on the day.

For the details of the next drumMUSTER collection click here

The drumMUSTER Standard

Inspection of containers at collection points is necessary to ensure that containers can be safely recycled.

  • There must be no chemical residue on the inside or the outside of the container, including the thread and cap. If there is any chemical residue visible when delivering your containers these drums will be rejected.

  • After rinsing your chemical container it should be left to dry with the cap off which will aid in the drying process.

  • The threads of the container opening must be free of residue and although the cap should not be replaced on the container, it may be brought separately to the collection if clean.

  • Your container should have the labels on to provide inspectors with identification of the container being handled.

  • A signed statement by the farmer or chemical user at the point of the collection provides drumMUSTER with evidence that the container has been rinsed.

  • If your container is rejected, the inspector will request that your container is taken home, properly cleaned and returned for recycling in your next delivery.

  • When rinsing the chemical container use the rinsate to make up an application of the same chemical according to the products label recommendations.