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Residents who are experiencing financial hardship may seek assistance from Coorong District Council by entering into a long-term payment arrangement. Information is available on our Financial Hardship page.

Latest COVID-19 update issued 20th November. More information can be found here.

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Community Grants Program

Council recognises that community groups provide important and valued community and social benefits to the district. Council also recognises the importance of supporting local individuals in pursuing personal achievement in their chosen field.

Funding community, cultural and recreational activities, events and services enables individuals and groups to work in partnership with Council in meeting community needs. The program also supports communities that value creativity, innovation, access and participation, as well as supporting individual residents striving in their field.

1. Community Grants support groups within the Coorong district, and are intended to:

  • Promote participation in local community activities of recreation and sport, cultural activities, community development, lifelong learning, social cohesion, and social and welfare activities.
  • Financially assist community groups and eligible individual residents based in the Coorong district.
  • Promote community pride and participation in the Coorong district.
  • Support community groups in local events.
  • Support individuals participating in either a sporting, music, art or cultural activity/event, or other activities eligible in accordance with the Community Grants Procedure.

2. Grants available are divided into the following classifications, and relevant criteria for each classification is documented within the Council's Community Grants Procedure.

  • Small Community Grants
  • Community Event Grants
  • Community Project Grants
  • Individual, Sport & Cultural Grants (applications open year round)

3. Before applying please:

Applications for Round 1 of the 2020-21 Community Grants Program NOW CLOSED

Application packages contain relevant eligibility and funding conditions, as well as all the information prospective applicants need to know:

Small Community Grants - Application Package

Community Event Grants - Application Package

Community Project Grants - Application Package

Individual, Sport & Cultural Grant - Application Package (Note: this grant is open year round)

Round One 2020-21 Community Grants Program Key Dates:

Applications Open19 August 2020
Applications Close5:00pm, 25 September 2020
Council meeting decision20 October 2020
Expected notification to applicants21 October 2020
Grant to be claimedWithin 2020-21 financial year
Grant to be expended and acquittedBy 20 October 2021 (12 months from Council meeting decision)

Applicants are also encouraged to read and/or use the documents below:

Community Grants Policy and Procedure

Statement By Supplier Form

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form

Fee Waiver and In-Kind Support Form

Special Events Application

Community Grants Completion Record

Community Grant Program Rounds

There are two (2) rounds of Community Grants offered each financial year, with applications open around August/September and January/February for about 4 - 6 weeks.

Funding Available

Grants available are divided into the following classifications, and relevant criteria for each classification is documented within the Community Grants Procedure.

Small Community Grants$1,000 maximum
Community Event Grants$2,000 maximum
Community Project Grants$5,000 maximum
Individual, Sport & Cultural Grants
(applications open year round)
$100 (Event held within SA)
$500 (Event held Interstate)
$1,000 (Event held Internationally)


Please read the Community Grants Policy and Procedure and your chosen Application Package carefully prior to submitting an application.

What happens after applications close?

Once a grant round has closed, applications are assessed against the assessment criteria, and then recommendations are provided to the full Council at a Council meeting for consideration.

Following endorsement at the Council meeting, applicants are notified via email, and if successful will be required to complete a 'Conditions of Grant Acceptance' form, and forward an invoice for the successful grant amount which will be processed.