Buildings Asset Management Plan

Council's Buildings Asset Management Plan (Buildings AMP) provides a record of:

  • The state of Council's infrastructure assets at the cose of the past financial year;
  • Key achievements in the past financial year;
  • The 10-year funding required to achieve Council's adopted asset performance targest; and
  • Planned Asset Management activities for the current financial year.

This plan encompasses the Buildings asset class, including the Structure, Fitouts, Services, and Site Services & Infrastructure components.

Council buildings are classified for maintenance and renewal purposes in accordance with the following hierarchy:

Hierarchy RankingDescription
AFacilities that are critical to the Council's function, of major Council significance or with heritage and cultural values.
BFacilities that provide important services to the community on a suburban or local level.
CNon-critical and vacant buildings.


The Buildings AMP was drafted in 2016, with revisions made in 2017, and adopted by Council on 20 March 2018.

Buildings Asset Management Plan - adopted March 2018(787 kb)