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Section 41 Committees

What is a Section 41 committee?

Section 41 committees are smaller groups of people, determined by Council, who exist to assist Council in the operation of its assets or activities. Committee membership is made up of community members with one or two Elected Members representing the Council.

The roles and responsibilities of each committee are varied, however most exist to make recommendations to Council. Council then have the final say on whether the recommendations should go ahead, and in turn, as it is a "branch" of Council, they are responsible for all income and expenditure associated with the committee.

Committees are divided into special interest areas such as bushfires, aged care, community development, cemeteries and town halls, therefore allowing community members with expert knowledge and advice, or simply a keen interest, in order to effectively manage our Council assets.

Think of Section 41 committees as a football club. You have the overarching club (which has a president) but then you have many divisions of separate teams sitting underneath the president. So you’ll have A grade, B grade, under 15s, under 12s etc. Each team represents the football club and each team coach reports to the club president. Well that’s the same with Section 41 committees – each committee has a chairperson, and whatever decisions are made and discussions take place are then relayed back to Council, as they all act as one body, but there are just several parts.

Minutes from Section 41 committee meetings must be submitted to Council under Local Government legislation. This helps the Mayor and Elected Members keep tab of all the different happenings of the committees. Minutes will usually contain recommendations to the Council which are then ratified at monthly Council meetings. For example, a town hall committee may put forward a recommendation that the stage curtains be replaced due to wear and tear. Council then gives the "yes or no" on the request, and if it progresses, Council bear the cost of materials and labour etc.

So essentially Section 41 committees are a branch of the Council. Their valued input ensures community assets and events continue to tick over.

Audit & Risk Committee

The purpose of the Audit & Risk Committee is to provide independent advice and recommendation on matters relating to corporate and financial governance, including:

  • Ensuring Council’s compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Ensuring the processes are in place that leads to the provision of value for money services to the community.
  • Ensuring the strategic objectives of Council are met.
  • Ensuring the maintenance of an adequate internal control framework.
  • Maintenance of an independent and objective internal and external audit function.

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Chief Executive Officer Performance Review Committee

The CEO Performance Review Committee has been established to undertake the Performance Review of the CEO by:

  • Assessing the CEO's performance by reference to the Strategic Goals agreed to by the CEO and in accordance with the CEO's duties as outlined in the Employment Agreement.
  • Setting the CEO's Strategic Goals in consultation with the CEO.

The Committee comprises five members, including the Mayor, one Council Member from each Ward and an independent consultant.

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Coonalpyn Community Hall Committee

Coonalpyn’s long standing town hall is managed by the Coonalpyn Community Hall Committee, whose purpose is two-fold. Initially they handle the bookings and day-to-day operations of this Council asset, and secondly they liaise with Council for maintenance issues and long-term priorities such as renovation. The hall plays host to many Coonalpyn public and private functions, but also services the areas of Yumali, Ki Ki, Field and Carcuma.

Coonalpyn Soldiers Memorial Swimming Pool & Caravan Park Committee

Another focal point for Coonalpyn, the swimming pool and adjoining caravan park sits under the watchful guidance of the Section 41 committee. While Council employs pool and caravan park attendants, the role of the committee is to make recommendations to Council on the fixing of fees for the year ahead, manage canteen facilities and fundraise, where necessary. A majority of committee members also volunteer their time to supervise the pool and receive gate takings during swimming season.

Coorong District Local Action Plan Committee

The Coorong District Local Action Plan (LAP) Committee was formed to support the Coorong District LAP Strategic Management Plan (2017-22) vision for a sustainable and prosperous future for our community through balanced management of the environment. The Committee's membership includes five community / local business members and one Council Member.

Coorong District Local Action Plan Committee Terms of Reference

Coorong Finance Committee

The Coorong Finance Committee was formed in January 2019 under Section 41 of the Local Government Act 1999 for the broad purpose of advising, monitoring and assisting on matters relating to finance of the Council. The Finance Committee reviews the reliability and integrity of the information for inclusion in financial statements, returns and other strategic documents.

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Coorong Infrastructure & Assets Committee

The Coorong Infrastructure & Assets Committee was formed in May 2019 under Section 41 of the Local Government Act 1999 for the broad purpose of advising, monitoring and assisting and making recommendations to the full Council on matters relating to infrastructure and assets management.

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Meningie Cemetery Committee

The Meningie Cemetery Committee plays a vital part in forecasting projects for the years ahead and keeping Council informed of maintenance issues that arise from time to time. The cemetery is a place of significance not only to the Meningie community, but intra and interstate guests who visit to pay respects to the deceased, and the committee are pleased to create a welcoming haven for this purpose.

Meningie Airfield Committee

An influx of new members has seen the Meningie Airfield Committee reinvigorated in recent years as they continue to promote and maintain the operation of the airfield. The facility is used as a recreational launching pad for gliders and flyers, and the committee play an active role in keeping the grounds maintained for these purposes. The committee also recommend any infrastructure improvements and additions to Council, ensuring high aviation levels are maintained.

Moorlands Hall Committee

Primarily private functions, including balls and dances are held in the Moorlands Hall. The Moorlands Hall Committee handle the bookings and day-to-day operations of this Council asset, and also liaise with Council regarding maintenance issues. The Moorlands Hall is situated just off the Mallee Highway as you heading to Sherlock, Peake or Jabuk from Tailem Bend.

Pangarinda Botanic Garden Committee

When you take a look at what is known as the Pangarinda Botanic Garden, you would never know that the site was formerly full of weeds, eroded sand drifts and a few remnant patches of native pines. Over the years members of the Pangarinda Botanic Garden Committee have transformed the site into a native plan species and local dryland haven, with the main responsibility of the committee now being maintenance and improvement of the parklands. Pangarinda, in the local Ngarrindjeri dialect means "sunset" and the committee maintain the site is one of the Council’s best kept secrets.

Tailem Bend Town Hall Committee

Tailem Bend’s Town Hall recently celebrated its 100th year – quite a significant milestone for a facility which has undergone significant extensions and renovations and is used on a weekly basis by community and recreational sporting groups. While Council staff handle bookings and maintenance issues, the committee meet on a bi-monthly basis to review maintenance undertaken, encourage long-term projects and ensure representation on annual productions including the Rotary Music Hall and Tailem Bend Primary School end of year presentations.

Tintinara Aerodrome Management Committee

The Tintinara Aerodrome Management Committee promote and maintain the operation of the aerodrome. The facility is used as a recreational launching pad for gliders and flyers, and the committee play an active role in keeping the grounds maintained for these purposes. The committee also recommend any infrastructure improvements and additions to Council, ensuring high aviation levels are maintained.

Tintinara Community Gymnasium Committee

A group of keen locals have worked in conjunction with Healthy Murraylands to see the establishment of a community gym in Tintinara.  The gym, which is located in the Masonic Lodge has the service of a local, qualified fitness instructor who plays a driving force in looking after the health of the community.  The gym not only encourages physical activity, but is a demonstration of a dream becoming reality in a small town.

Tintinara Community Men's Shed Committee

Men's sheds are springing up all around Australia and Tintinara is the first town in our district to establish one of these facilities.  Titled a "community men's shed," this asset is making a real difference to men's social and mental health as well as providing social and investment opportunities for the community.  Housed in the former rail goods shed, the passionate committee have developed the shed from day one and are acutely aware of the health and wellbeing needs of the community.

Tintinara Homes and Community Centre Committee

The Tintinara Homes and Community Centre Committee was formed in July 2012 following a Council resolution to amalgamate the Tintinara Homes Committee and Tintinara Health and Recreation Centre Committee. The newly formed committee manages the aged residential units and also the Health and Recreation Centre. With SA Ambulance, Senior Citizens and outreach health services regularly using the Health and Recreation Centre and the close link that the centre has with aged home residents, the committee are kept busy with ongoing developments.

Tintinara War Memorial Hall Committee

With history steeping back to World War 1 and 2 and even playing host to the original "classroom" for Tintinara Area School’s first twelve students in 1911, the Tintinara War Memorial Hall remains a valued community asset. The Hall committee have preserved this history while continuing to monitor operations of the hall. Bookings and maintenance are undertaken by Council, but long term projects such as the recent re-surfacing of the main supper room and installation of air conditioners are the responsibility of the committee. Centenary celebrations, the 2012 inaugural ANZAC march and school productions are all housed in this wonderful hall.