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The sharing of Farm Forestry Knowledge and opportunities


Whatever the climatic conditions or variability of weather patterns, a well prepared and timely tree planting program will provide shade and shelter for stock, control soil erosion and protect against extreme temperatures - PLANT NOW FOR THE FUTURE OF YOUR FARM!


Agro-forestry Development Species Demonstration Sites Summary 2019(578 kb)


1. paddock salt bush trees


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How to set up a farm forestry site

2. Farm Forestry Plantation

3. single tree line

Tree Planting Guide 2019(1632 kb)

Forest Climate Risk Tool:

Predict Forestry Climate Change with the Click of a Mouse Thanks to New Tool

Forest Climate Risk Tool

For further information please contact Coorong District Council Sustainability Officer, Samantha Blight


Future Climate Map

Forest Climate Risk Tool :

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1. Farm Forestry Landcare Network Planting Team Meningie 2016

Farm Forestry Landcare Network Planting Team Meningie 2016