Coorong District Council response measures to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a global crisis, and our Council has a key role to play in limiting the spread and impact of it.

Our leaders are staying up to date on the latest advice from the State and Federal Governments, and relevant Government health agencies.

Residents who are experiencing financial hardship may seek assistance from Coorong District Council by entering into a long-term payment arrangement. Information is available on our Financial Hardship page.

For more information please click here.

Update - 25 May 2020

The SA Government have released their Roadmap for Easing Covid-19 Restrictions.

Most Coorong District Council services have now resumed:

  • All playgrounds, parks (incl. dog parks and gardens) have been re-opened to the public.
  • All community toilets have been re-opened.
  • All halls can now open and community groups will be able to book facilities (groups are encouraged to contact Council to work through arrangements).
  • The Coonalpyn Caravan Park and Narrung Campground are now open to the public (including public toilet facilities).
  • Sporting facilities can open in accordance with the new measures in place.
  • Public library services:
    • Tailem Bend, Tintinara, Coonalpyn and Coomandook Community Libraries are still closed to the public, however all are offering a 'phone and collect service'.
    • Meningie Community Library will be opening to the public from 3:45pm - 4:30pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am - 1pm on Saturdays.
  • Tailem Rail Museum, Coorong Gallery and the Meningie Information Hub will be assessed in preparation for Council's executive team to make a decision on re-opening from 8 June 2020.

All Council facilities are receiving regular cleaning to ensure facilities are up to standard – however if you come across anything that requires attention please contact Council on 1300 785 277 so that we can attend to it.

Signs will be in place to remind users of their obligations to social distance. Everyone can play their part in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by practicing good hygiene, using hand sanitiser and wiping down equipment and surfaces before and after use.

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Freedom of Information

Request for access to Council documents

Access to Council’s documents may be made under the Freedom of Information Act 1991. Applications must be in writing and must specify that it is made under Section 13 of the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

Applicants need to provide sufficient information to enable the correct document/s to be identified, though the Council is obliged to help with the application.

If you are seeking documents relating to your personal affairs the Council may request proof of your identity.

If you are seeking documents on behalf of another person relating to their personal affairs, the Council may ask you to submit a consent form signed by that person.

A request will be dealt with as soon as practicable (and, in any case, within 30 days) after it is received.

The Council, on receiving a FOI application, may assist the applicant to direct the application to another agency or transfer the application to another agency as appropriate.

For further information regarding applications under the Act including online and hard copy forms please click here.

Forms of access

Various forms of access are available depending on the form in which the information is stored. They include:

  • Inspection of documents
  • Copy of documents
  • Hearing and/or viewing audio and/or video tape
  • Transcript of recorded document
  • Transcript of words recorded in shorthand or encoded form
  • Print out of computerised information

Where the Council is unable to grant access in the form requested, access might be given in a different form.

Application fees and processing charges

The application fees associated with freedom of information requests are set each year by State Parliament.

The application fee for the 2019/2020 financial year is $36.75. A cheque/money order/cash for the amount must be forwarded to the Council with the request for access.

Processing charges of $13.80 per quarter hour may also apply for dealing with the application. Where the request for access involves personal affairs, there is no charge for the first two hours.

Other fees

Photocopying: 20 cents per page

Transcripts: $8.25 per page

Copy of photo, video, computer disk: Actual cost incurred.

Waiver and Remission

Where a person liable to pay a fee or charge to Council under the Act satisfies the Council:

  • That he or she is the holder of a current State concession card issued by the Commonwealth;
  • That he or she is the holder of a current State concession card issued by the Department for Family and Community Services;
  • That he or she is a totally and permanently incapacitated disability pensioner;
  • That he or she is a British Commonwealth Service Pensioner in receipt of a pension from, and assessed as eligible by, the Commonwealth Department of Veteran Affairs;
  • That he or she is in receipt of Commonwealth unemployment or sickness benefits or State financial assistance;
  • That he or she is a holder of a student identification card issues under the State Transport Authority Act, 1974; or
  • By such other evidence as the council may require that the fee or charge should be waived or remitted on the grounds of financial hardship’

The Council may waive or remit the fee or charge.

Access to documents by Members of Parliament – Prescribed Threshold

A Member of Parliament who applies for access to documents under the Act is entitled to access to the documents without charge unless the work generated by the application involves fees and charges (calculated in accordance with Schedule 1) totalling more than $1000.

Refusal to process requests

Please refer to the Freedom of Information Act 1991 for an explanation of the circumstances under which the Council may refuse or defer access to information.

Statement of Information and Summary

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act a Statement of Information has been produced for the Coorong District Council.

Freedom of Information Statement 2019/2020

Request for Copies of Plans/Documents from Development Applications

Access to information received by Council in regard to a previous Development Application is available to the current owner of a property. Requests must be made in writting and forward to Council with the appropriate search fee and proof of identification.