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Roadside Signage

SATC RoadSign Guidelines

The guidelines were produced to assist tourism businesses and road authorities determine eligibility for road signs and most appropriate usage. The use of these guidelines will improve road safety and lead to improvement in the quality and consistency of tourist road signs.

It should be noted that safety of road users must be paramount when planning and implementing a network of signs. A useful road network begins with simple road name signs and extends to include directional visitor and services signs. Signs should be considered as one possible element to promoting tourism businesses, the inclusion of road names, clear directions and useful maps in advertisements, brochures and websites are the first step to guiding visitors to a business.

The guidelines are administered by the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), Transport Services Division in cooperation with the tourism industry. Councils adoption of the guidelines will ensure it administers its local roads consistent with DPTI's administration of arterial roads.

To view the road signage guidelines please click here.

Application Form - Roadside Signage (Tourism and Services Signs)(223 kb)


Roadside Signage Policy

Council's Roadside Signage Policy is to be used as a guide for the Council and the community in assessing both signage rationalisation and new signage programs.

Roadside Signage Policy, February 2016(123 kb)